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My new F-350 gasser - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
What oil weight to run in a new 6.2L? Stay with the Ford recommended 5W-20, even in hot environments. Responses from a police fleet mechanic with high mileage Crown Vics (CVPI) saying 5W-20 worked well for them even in Chicago heat and long idles.
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Has Owning A Diesel Pickup Lost It's 'Edge'? Why BUY One Nowadays - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
Discussion on the old reasons for buying a diesel engine vs. the current realities. "I want input from ALL diesel owners.....Gas owners.....Anyone with an HD/SD with an opinion.....I know the topic has been discussed in different threads here..... ...more
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your take on the new 2011 V8s - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
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6.2 V8 vs. 6.8 V10 vs. ??? (gas engines) thread - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
Thread comparing the new 6.2L V8 vs the 6.8L V10, by folks who have driven or owned both.
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