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EcoBoost police fleet vehicles update
Police department fleet experience with several 3.5L V6 Ford Ecoboosts finds that carbon build up is higher (due to idling perhaps) and is using BG fuel treatment.
Type: TSB
Year: 2014, 2015
Engine: Ford 3.5L V6 TT

Intercooler Condensation buildup - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
Discussion about Ford's TSB (12-6-4) for the Ecoboost's intercooler condensation.
Type: TSB Tech Topic: Engine Make/Model: Ford F150 Engine: Ford 3.5L V6 TT

Ford 2005-2008 Modular (4.6, 5.4, 6.8) Spark Plug TSB 08-07-06
Ford's TSB on the 2-piece sparkplug used on the 3V modular engines from 2005-2008. Special care is given to removal of broken 2-piece plugs.
Type: TSB Tech Topic: Engine
Year: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Make/Model: Ford F150, F250, F350 Engine: Ford 4.6L V8, 5.4L V8, 6.8L V10

Ford SuperDuty 6 speed (6R140) TSBs for flared shifts
Have a 6R140 transmission that flares on shifts? Ford has some TSBs to address it, one for the 6.2L and another for the 6.7L.
Type: TSB Tech Topic: Transmission
Year: 2011
Make/Model: Ford F250, F350, F350DRW Engine: Ford 6.2L V8, 6.7L V8

Ford TSB 09-8-3: Coolant Loss - 6.0L
TSB 09-8-3: Diagnosing coolant loss on 6.0L, with detailed steps to determine cause, including EGR cooler.
Type: TSB
Year: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Engine: Ford 6.0L V8