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Ford Motorcraft: 2005 Super Duty Major changes from 2004
Tech service info from Motorcraft detailing the changes to SuperDuty between 2004 and 2005. Includes new tools needed for the 2005+s.
Type: Specs Tech Topic: Engine, Suspension, Towing & hauling, Transmission
Year: 2005
Make/Model: Ford F250, F350

Caterpillar's Truck Spec Training Guide: how to understand sizing engines for load
Thinking about torque vs. horsepower? Curious how the heavy trucks size engines based on application, grades, and weights? Get some thoughts from Caterpillar on it.
Type: Discussion Attributes: Dyno results Tech Topic: Engine, Towing & hauling

Has Owning A Diesel Pickup Lost It's 'Edge'? Why BUY One Nowadays - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
Discussion on the old reasons for buying a diesel engine vs. the current realities. "I want input from ALL diesel owners.....Gas owners.....Anyone with an HD/SD with an opinion.....I know the topic has been discussed in different threads here..... ...more
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Engine, Towing & hauling Engine: Ford 5.4L V8, 6.0L V8, 6.2L V8, 6.4L V8, 6.7L V8, 6.8L V10